Proven Track record

Over the last 30 years, TK Motors has established itself as a pioneer in The Gambia car distribution.

Founded in 1989 by Tarek K Musa, TK Motors has always taken a locally aware and customer focused approach helping the Mitsubishi brand to occupy the market leading position in The Gambia.

TK Motors has formed close partnerships with some best brands around the world.


T. K. Motors Ltd was
established in 1989


(Head Office / Showroom /

Badala Highway
(Brand New Showroom)


Silver Award
1990, 1992, 1993, 1995,
1996, 1997, 1998, 1999

Gold Award
2000, 2001

The company

T. K. Motors Ltd is a company that is registered in the Gambia, West Africa since 1989. It was incorporated on 10th February 1989 under no 27/1989. The company’s Tax Identification No is 0610001757 issued on 2nd March 2006. The company is owned by Tarek Musa (95%) and Aisha Neneh Balla Gaye (5%). The management of the company is currently under the control of Tarek Musa’s and his brother, Musa Musa as Managing Director and Bernard Mendy as the General Manager.

T. K. Motors Ltd is the parent company and has subsidiaries both in the Gambia and in Dubai and they are TKXPort LLC based in Dubai and Exclusive Motors Ltd in the Gambia.

Primary function

The primary function of T K Motors is the importation of motor vehicles and trucks for sale to customers in the Gambia and where feasible from the neighbouring countries in the sub region. It also offers superb sales service for its products. T. K. Motors has the approved MMC agent or official distributor for Mitsubishi Motors Corporation in the Gambia since 1989. T.K. Motors is considered to be the leading car dealer in the Gambia. The company’s total headcount stands at about 75 with most of them being loyal employees who have worked for company for an average of over 15 years.

Exclusive Motors Ltd

Exclusive Motors Ltd manages the Hyundai Jeep, Renault, Fiat Agencies as well as the Chinese make It has plans to acquire another one or two agencies in the short to medium term, subject to developments in the local market.

Both T K Motors and Exclusive Motors have their registered office in the Kanifing Municipality, in The Gambia. This property houses both the offices and the vehicles after sales service workshop cum warehouse for the new vehicles. The other vehicles are unusually stored away in two other warehouses owned by the company.

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